Monday, June 09, 2008

Sent to me by the Terrence Higgins Trust

Urgent Action - Don't Deport Amdani Juma

Amdani Juma, a torture survivor, pro-democracy activist and Terrence Higgins Trust volunteer, was taken into detention by the Home Office seven days ago. Faced with imminent deportation to Burundi, a country where his activism has resulted in his appearing on wanted posters, Amdani needs your support to keep him in the UK.

Since his arrival in the UK, Amdani has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of people with HIV in Nottingham. As well as providing face to face support and mentoring to THT service users, he also started the first African women's support group in the city. His considerable abilities and rapport with the local community have made his health promotion work with Africans in Nottingham invaluable. In the words of his MP, Alan Simpson, "He is an outstanding asset. Removing him from the UK would leave Nottingham (and beyond) much the poorer. There is no one, particularly within the HIV field who could replace the work he does."

We are asking all our supporters to contact the Home Secretary to ask her to recognise Amdani as a political refugee and intervene to prevent his deportation. Please take a moment to send a quick message voicing your support to There is a sample letter below. Please quote his Home Office case reference number, A1179608, in your email.

You can also sign the associated petition at Please also pass this message to your friends to help gather momentum for the campaign. We only have a matter of days to show our support and reverse the decision.

Sample letter:

Dear Mrs Smith,

I am writing on behalf of Amdani Juma, currently in detention and due to be deported, to ask that you intervene on his behalf. His Home Office case reference number is A1179608.

Mr. Juma is an asset to the UK and to health and social care in the city of Nottingham. As a volunteer case worker for Terrence Higgins Trust, he has given freely of his time, skills and energy to help people living with HIV. Amdani's hard work has led to the setting up of Nottingham's first support group for women living with HIV, and his considerable abilities and rapport with the local community have made his health promotion work with Africans in Nottingham invaluable. Mr. Juma is a key link for healthcare to a community acknowledged to be hard to reach but in great need of help.

We believe that Mr. Juma should be allowed to remain in the UK. He has more than proved his commitment to being a part of Nottingham's community, and that community would keenly feel his loss should he be deported. We ask that you intervene to allow him to stay and continue his important work.

Yours sincerely,

(Your name)


Damian Domski said...

Done - I have sent it. Thanks for letting me know.

Merseymike said...

Cheers : here's an update

Amdani Juma Case Update

We have been asking you to write to the Home Secretary and/or sign a petition for Amdani Juma to remain in the UK. We are delighted to report that Amdani's deportation has been stopped, at least temporarily. His case has undergone judicial review and he should be bailed out shortly. His legal team are considering the way forward.

We are certain that the efforts of all those who are campaigning on Amdani's behalf and who have written to the Home Office about his case have been central to his removal being stopped. Whilst this is fantastic news, Amdani's immigration status is not yet certain, and we would like to encourage people to continue to support the case and watch out for further developments. We will let you know if and when there is any more that can be done for Amdani.

Many thanks for all your support

Rowan Harvey
Parliamentary and Campaigns Officer