Sunday, June 15, 2008

more thoughts on civil liberties...

There does seem to be an issue which I think the by-election has to be used for. The problem with people like Akehurst is that they can turn around and bleat about popular opinion being on their side - and indeed, poll evidence suggests so, although it does depend what question is asked. I think libertarian-minded people on both left and right are already convinced.

I have my doubts as to whether the authoritarian wing of the Tory party actually believe what Davis says at all - they just wanted to have a pop at Labour, and that is their job as an opposition

What is clear is that there is still a large wedge of the population who are swallowing the autoritarian 'safety' lone on this one and that we need to explain exactly why it is nonsense - from both left and right wing libertarian perspectives.

Shami Chakravarti is doing a sterling job . She manages to relain above ideological fray whilst expressing clearly and succinctly what the problem is.

This is certainly making me think again about some issues which have bothered me less in the past. For example, I have been relaxed about ID cards, as I see them working in Europe witout problem. But can we trust a government which such authoritarian instincts not to misuse them?

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