Friday, June 20, 2008

More religionist hypocrisy

With the current 'controversy' about the blessing after the civil partnership in London (of which there have been many, many before), it appears that once again, there is a little bit of dishonesty creeping into the proceedings.

It appears that these cowardly, spineless Bishops who supposedly support change but hide behind the lies of the collective voice might just have different views in private than in public

And that some of them may just have been involved in such blessings before.

And by all accounts, this includes the King of the Spineless Slugs itself, Rowan Williams.

If this is true, doesn't this make hin utterly beyond contempt. we already know he is pious, out of touch, a useless communicator, a worse administrator, and betrays and abandons his friends.

Now it seems that he is a hypocrite and a liar as well.

I can't think of anyone I despise more. How I would love the opportunity to tell him so, but he likes to hide behind the safety of never facing those who have worked him out a long while back.

Anyway, the latest little spat should show only too well why the Church as an institution is no place for gay people, and why the so-called 'ministries' which try to encourage gay people to suppress their sexuality for the cause of a failed and erroneous superstition are getting precisely nowhere.


Father David Heron said...

I appreciate your dislike of the Church & its hypocrisy.
But not all of us are spineless and bigoted.
All the best.

Merseymike said...

This is true, David. But how can you bear to stay in an institution which certainly is?