Monday, June 16, 2008

Gay blessings, the CofE and the inevitable split

So, we have a public same sex blessing of a civil partnership in a church. The first, according to some news reports. Who are they trying to kid? Just goes to show that the level of sheer hypocrisy and lies within the Church knows no bounds.

Naturally, our dear homophobic friends at Anglican Extreme and StandFirminBigotry are having a frothing-at-the-mouth day. I do find it amusing how they play good cop/bad cop - so you have the angry, straightforward gay-haters, such as a character called 'Rooney' who hails from this fair city - probably attends one of the nuttier fringe churches. But then you have people like 'vicar' - every bit as prejudiced, but he does it 'nicely', no doubt as a way to get unsuspecting gays to enter his temple of bigotry. Fortunately we have more sense - warm words don't wash.

As for the blessing, I wish the happy couple all the best, and high time that clergy and parishes with courage started to speak out. I recall being offered blessings when we had our civil partnership, but didn't take up the offer - I wasn't really into being blessed by a homophobic institution and was outside the church to all intents and purposes by then in any case. But it is good to see the bigots being challenged and the homophobic nonsense that is 'traditional' Christianity being shown up for what it is.

Gay relationships are here to stay. the Church will have to get used to it - and I think this is one more welcome step towards the split which needs to happen, and soon.

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