Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bush, Iraq and Afghanistan

How depressing to see our PM schmoozing up to Bush like a good little puppy-dog yesterday.

But quite how the current level of support for both Iraq and Afghanistan can realistically be sustained is something I think has not been faced.

Still, both situations were the outcome of past policy mistakes.

We should withdraw from Iraq and reduce involvement in Afghanistan.


Ted Harvey said...

No!No! Mike you have it wrong and we must not reduce our involvement in Afghanistan now!

As Defence Minister Des Brown (ah... another dreamy politics guy we Scots produced)said yesterday, our latest sending of another 200 paratroopers to Helman is "a sign of the success against the Taliban we are having". Morevover a bit of triangulation is provided on this by the fact that his statement was made on the same day that 5 dead British soldiers were shipped back to the UK.

And remember Mike, we almost 'did it' before, when years ago we first went into Helman - but we fell just a tiny bit short of sometime Defence Minister 'Doctor' John Reid's prediction that we would be out in six months without a shot being fired.

We must not walk away from this success now, eh, what, what?

Merseymike said...

Oh, Ted, how wrong I was - we must remember just how well we are doing and how Afghanistan is now a lovely cuddly place, where democracy flows through its very heart.

The warlords who have replaced the taliban are no better.

It just might have been best to leaver the Russians in charge ... but of course, they were the enemy then so we armed the Mohjadin/Taliban to the hilt, and are now reaping the consequences.