Thursday, June 05, 2008

Anonymous comments

I don't publish them, so don't waste your time bothering.

If you have the honesty to say who you are and provide a link, fair play. But if you want to post the equivalent of a poison-pen letter on the web - well, you know what most people think of those who do that sort of thing!

And the amusing thing is that so far, all the anonymous comments have come from self-proclaimed Christians!


Since I posted this, I have received an anonynous comment, which asks me to reconsider. No, I won't be doing so. I am quite happy to print comments in opposition to my own (unlike some!), But they should be identified - I am simply not going to give space here for people to abuse the facility. With free speech comes responsibility, and whilst I am not asking for names or locations, I think that snide anonymous posts do no one any good.


Anonymous said...

Fair enough. It's you blog and you can make any rules you like. for my part, I wouldn't want to be in the same group as someonle like John Richardson (Ugley Vicar Blog), but it's your choice. It does mean that I'll now exercise my choice and I'll remove you from my favourites and won't bother looking here again. I'm also left-wing, ex-church-going, and a long time member of the Gay Consultation Group, but I can't be bothered with this sort of desire for control. You might pause to consider that from the comments that there are here your blog doesn't attract a great deal of interest and I would have thought you would welcome any contributions. I'm always glad to see the fascists condemn themselves from their own lips. Still, I wish you well, Mike, and I shall continue to enjoy your contributions to TA.

Merseymike said...

And this is another comment received - which I decided to publish, to simply ask - why does this have to be anonymous?

I'm afraid that 'the fascists' don't condemn themselves if they don't acknowledge their statements. They simply make the atmosphere of a blog abusive and unpleasant - and I'd rather have no comments at all that that sort of unpleasantness.