Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Abortion and more religious homophobia

The abortion issue appears to be on the agenda again.

I think there is a lot of hypocrisy talked about this issue. Those who believe it to be murder know that their position is not shared by most, so tend to concentrate on cutting the time in which abortions are legal. Surely if 'life is life', this is irrelevant?
I would not reduce the upper age. Very few abortions take place at the latter stages and those which do are done for good reason. I would also make early abortion easier and agree with the proposal to remove the need to have a second medical signature.
If the aim is to reduce abortion rates, then issues such as the effectiveness of sex education , the use of contraception, and broader cultural questions need to be considered. Holland, for example, has a low teen pregnancy rate and a low abortion rate, because teen pregnancy is viewed not as immoral, but a sign of stupidity - the stigma comes from the view that there is no excuse for getting pregnant when contraception is freely available and sex education is comprehensive and frank.

And we now have a new set of self-promoting 'Christian' martyrs. It is clear enough to me that young people who are gay and in the 'looked after' category - in foster care, for example - have an absolute right to positive affirmation and support. It is thus reasonable that prospective foster parents are able to offer this support. If they are unable to do so, then any gay or lesbian young person placed in that environment would be at risk. So, people with those attitudes, and who are unwilling to reconsider their position in the interest of the child they are looking after, should indeed be removed from the fostering register. Bigoted religion has no place in child care.....


ChloƩ said...

I understand your concerns about foster parents raising homosexual children...already at risk as foster children.

How would you practically manage this? It seems impossible to monitor this sort of bigotry. Seems that racists and bigots could slip into the foster parent system easily.

Merseymike said...

Through exactly this sort of process - with well trained people asking the right questions. Some may still fall through the net, but at least there are now safeguards against this.

Asking people to positively sign something is important as it forms part of a binding contract and so has teeth.