Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Venice, and the Liberal Democrats

Went to Venice last weekend. Its such a beautiful city - though very expensive, and its one of those odd places that would not survive without tourists but one sometimes gets the impression that the Venetians would rather they didn't exist (other than to fleece!)
Food-wise, it really is best to stick entirely to fish and seafood, which is first-class, but anything else is less so....
Spent a whole day at the Biennale - which reminds me that the Turner prize contestants are nowe being exhibited in Liverpool and that needs to be fitted into the schedule.

As for the LibDems. I was once a member, during a time when I felt that the Labour party simply couldn't get to grips with the progressive social agenda. They are a curious party, largely because there really isn't anything very much holding them together, and their local campaigning, though very effective, operates on a 'take the politics out of politics' level. Not entirely without justification given the way local government actually works

But their claim to be the nice party has gone forever. I thought Ming Campbell was quite ineffective as party leader but to dump two leaders in as many years cannot be an accident.

And the possible replacements? Two identikit posh boys, one a bit more Tory than the other, offewring very little that isn't already on offer.

If Clegg wins, I can imagine the Tories will be worried since he is another Blair-Cameron type and certainly to the right in LibDem terms. Can't see Labour voters being attracted to him, though.

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