Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The mentality of religious conservatives

Its interesting just how angry and frustrated these people are getting.

I suppose they must be feeling rather as we did during the days of Section 28. Only the difference is that change in our direction has been both faster and more complete, and they don't really know how to cope. Pointless attempts to challenge the law, growled remarks about 'defiance', then...nothing - given that the issues have become far less controversial and most simply don't care.

Its interesting , though, to see just how desperate they have become. The group 'Anglican Mainstream', better described as 'Anglican Extreme', has a forum where opinions are becoming ever more shrill and angry. To see what I mean, have a look at the thread 'Cultural Conditioning' which is in their 'Culture' section. I'm not going to dignify it by printing any excerpts, but it sums up how desperate they have become, and why, as their arguments become shriller and more and more angry, they manage to influence so little.

It may be the case that they enjoy the victim status - if they can't get their way, then present themselves as victims of a world which hates them, even though there is precisely no evidence of that. Their churches meet without fear, they have the ability to work with others on community projects, as many do.

What they seem to have forgotten is how they look to others outside their narrow world-view. And that gives me pleasure as it can only assist those of us who want to work for equality. Imagine the response of the average MP, when presented with the contents of that AM thread.

Who would appear to be the irrational and angry extremists now?

On more cheerful note, congratulations to LGCM who have been presented with an award from the Gay Police Association for their work in combating homophobia.

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ChloƩ said...

If you can't beat 'em...become a victim!

The world is out to get Christians! This world is full of non-believers, Muslims, and even worse...LIBERAL CHRISTIANS who are going to ruin the lives of those that preach hate and intolerance.

Hmmm....could it be that their God has chosen a side???