Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Nazi-Rally - Gobshite Alert!

Up here in Liverpool, we refer to people who talk rubbish as 'gobshites'. Its a nice little word, very expressive. And I think it can often be used in reference to the conservative wing of the Anglican church.

Now, lets take Michael Nazi-Rally, bishop of Rochester. Son of a Pakistani convert, there is some confusion as to whether he actually ever became an Anglican as his family was Roman Catholic. Nazi-Rally is a classic example of tokenism. he isn't capable of being anything more than a PA to the Vicar, but he has ended up as a bishop.

He is very ambitious. he scuppered his chances of becoming ABC last time by appearing on the Today programme, giving an interview which screamed 'CHOOSE ME! I'M THE BEST!' and surprise, surprise, he wasn't chosen. Since then we have had a stream of bile and undermining of Rowan Williams, and its been clear to many that this nasty little man sees himself as the first Archbishop of the New Reformed non-Anglican Church of Akinola by Sydney.

The latest is his announcement that he won't be attending the next Lambeth conference. That can only be a good thing. We can only hope that by then, the split will have happened and he will be busy building his new empire.

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