Thursday, November 01, 2007

Another sensible legal decision

I have been generally encouraged that the barrage of cases brought by right-wing evangelical Christians aiming to undermine gay equality legislation have all to date been quashed.

The latest is a Sheffield magistrate who thought that he should be able to ignore the law of the land and pick and choose which cases he heard.

Of course, this is not possible, for any reason. He wished to absent himself from child care hearings involving same sex couples as he does not agree with the law of the land.

I have friends on the bench. They often have to make judgments according to laws they do not agree with. But they do so, and they apply the law as it stands fairly and objectively - because that is what they are required to do.

If that isn't something that a person feels they can do - then don't be a magistrate. but no-one in that important position can be 'let off' cases of any description simply because they don't agree with the law.

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