Thursday, January 22, 2009

The sad stupidity of the self-hatred movement

Most of us have been aware for quite some time that the self-hating movement, sometimes referred to in terms such as 'ex-gay' or 'post-gay' is full of people with quite severe psychological problems. Not being able to accept themselves, they adopt extreme religionism, become full time poster-boys or girls for self-oppression, and attempt to convince people they are heterosexual by blogs which talk constantly about how great it is to be straight, pictures of trophy wives and children, and even a picture of a double bed in one particularly risible case.

Now, we know that they are still as gay as ever, and I can only hope that they realise that when the inevitable happens, and they cannot bear the lies they have created for themselves any longer, that we are here to help them ( although a little contrition for the harm they have caused others would be welcome!)

But when one hears about the way they treat research...well, words fail me. On principle I do not include homophobic links on this site, but the latest gem is a claim that gay marriage will increase the number of gay people because it will make more people 'become' gay.
Of course, the reality is that those people have been gay all the time, in their closets, and the existence of liberal laws and social equality enables those people to be their true selves. Thus, there are more OPENLY gay and lesbian people. And as a result, more straight people realise that we really are very much the same as them except for our sexual orientation. And they realise how silly anti-gay thinking is.

And it is this which the self-haters and their religionist homophobic allies fear the most. Because here in the UK, they are losing and will continue to lose the argument.

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