Thursday, January 08, 2009


Its interesting just how some people will try and misrepresent my views

You will find nothing at all on this blog to indicate any support at all for radical Islamists and groups such as Hamas. That's because am totally opposed to their beliefs.

However, if one does not support Israel to the hilt, some then make the immediate assumption that one must be an active Hamas supporter.

Or at least, try and portray someone as having those views to further their own argument.

Let's make a few things clear.

1. I dislike conservative religion of all types
2. I do not support Hamas and think that the Palestinians have not been at all well served by their leadership over the years
3. That does not mean that dislike for Hamas means that Israel's behaviour is justified.
4. And given that I haven't a lot of time for any claim to land using ancient religious precepts, my concern is to maintain peace in an area which threatens world peace. Ideally, I still support a two-state solution, but I can't see it happening, and in that situation, it must be Israel who must withdraw from occupied territories.

I have never expressed any support for Hamas. I do think, though, that there is evidence that Israel did encourage their formation as a means of destabilising the PLO, and that much of their support is based on reaction to Israel's stance. I would certainly be much happier with moderate leadership, but Israel has hardly been a friend to moderate Palestinians over the years.

I'm not a religious or political extremist, which is why I do not sympathise with Zionism. It is also a reason why I have always kept my distance from the organised anti-war movement and groups such as Respect, who I regard with great suspicion. I've been on the marches, but so did many who do not support Hamas. Indeed, many of the local Palestinian support group who I know are from Christian backgrounds or are secular.


Chris said...

The problem is, once you criticize Israel you are accused of being pro-terrorist and/or anti-semitic; which is grossly unfair. Israel policy towards the Palestinians is inhumane and racist. They will give full citizenship to a Jewish person who has never set foot in Israel before, but not to Palestinians who have lived there for generations. I do not think anyone is naive enough to believe that the Palestinains are innocent, but Israeli policy has done nothing to help. It is a racist government who gets away with murder because they have US backing. They occupy land which is not theirs, yet surrounding nations have to be careful about treading on Israeli soil, Israel can have nuclear weapons but not Iran...... It is all rather sickening. But say this and you are anit-semitic, which is ridiculous.

What is amusing is that Christian Zionists are selective in their reading of the Bible, firstly the contemporary state of Israel is nothing like the Israel/Judea of Biblical times and it needs to be noted that God was offended when the Israelites asked for a King. Also in the OT is quite clear the 'land' belongs to God and lastly the Torah ha much to say about the way foreigners are to be treated whrn living in Israel. All of which is sweetly ignored by blinkered Zionists who support a terrorist state which denies basic human rights to Palestinians.

But of course I am an anti- semite who supports terrorists....
(which I am not).

Merseymike said...

There is also a lot of evidence that many Israeli immigrants from Russia are purely economic immigrants with absolutely no Jewish connection at all - yet these people have far more rights than the Palestinians.

As for Christian Zionism, it is entirely illogical - and some Jews themselves think so from a religious perspective. Its a pity they aren't a bit more selective about who they select as allies!

Tendryakov said...

Conservative religion? What's that? Confucianism? Taoism? Jainism? Zoroastrianism? Please enlighten.

Merseymike said...

Religion which leads to conservative social outcomes and is conservative or fundamentalist in its adherence to doctrine. Its hardly a new term - indeed, many conservatives are very happy to use it!