Friday, January 30, 2009

Homophobic reporting....

Interesting to see just how quickly homophobia comes to the fore - and of course, its regarding a case involving children. Because homophobes basically think all gay men are paedophiles, they are only too pleased to have the chance to say so however implicitly.

The facts of the latest case are that the grandparents who now say that they want to look after their grandchildren brought in the social services in the first place - and have both illnesses and many other children.

I don't think we would have heard a whisper about their desire to look after the grandchildren - which they rejected as a solution in the past - if the pros[ective adoptees were not gay.

Bigoted Christian grandparents should not be allowed a veto on who adopts or fosters children, let alone drug-riddled inadequate 'mothers' who have had their children removed from them because of their own weak will and inability to cope.

I don't know enough about the case to say if this is a good decision or not. No-one does, except those directly involved and who do not have preconceived prejudices. The law makes it clear that gay couples can adopt children - the fact that this is only the second in Edinburgh says an awful lot.

I would certainly say that the fact the grandparents decided to turn their grandchildren into political footballs to mount their anti-gay campaign is very good reason for their unsuitability as guardians.

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