Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hello to 2009

Which no doubt will continue much the same as 2008.

But its hardly an inspiring start. The Israelis are proving, once again, that they departed from the moral high ground many years ago. I cannot see any conceivable solution to the situation as neither side is prepared to compromise and both claim ownership of the same land. It should serve as a warning that the claims of any religious group to land which they do not occupy should never be heeded, particularly in conditions of misplaced guilt.

World peace should matter most and I cannot foresee a situation where Israel's existence can do anything other than continue to promote discord

The Government continues to make some suggestions which make sense, but one cannot help but think that they still can't quite believe that the market really has landed them into this mess. About time all the banks were in public ownership, and as for the nonsense about shareholders and their 'rights' - give me strength. Buying shares is a risk and failing companies should not be doling out bonuses by means of dodgy registration of different parts of the same company.

I can't feel very enthusiastic about the government, but when Bishops start bleating about 'morality', a concept with which not one of them could ever have any connection, it does make one feel more sympathetic. And there is, quite simply, no political opposition. Clegg has no credibility and we don't need any more economic liberalism. Cameron remains unconvincing and his party has not and can never change, despite the rhetoric.

Anyway, for some reason I have felt tired for most of the past month and I hope to try and gain some energy from somewhere sometime soon.....

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