Thursday, November 27, 2008

Homophobe of the Week

Step forward religionist former PC Graham Cogman, of Norfolk, who couldn't bear to treat gay people equally and felt obliged to circulate anti-gay material via his work email.

If their brand of religionism doesn't allow them to treat people decently then they have no right to hold the jobs they do. Why can't they hold their views but behave professionally at work and accept that gay people have every right to be treated fairly and equally?

Their job is to serve the public - not to inflict their religious prejudices on the job they hold, which is secular and requires respect for diversity.

I really wish we could hear from the Christians who don't agree with these bigots. the problem is that the evangelical extremists, such as those who frequent Anglican Extreme (sorry, Mainstream (sic)), cannot accept any sort of recognition of the right of gay people to live their lives and be respected and recognised in the public sphere. Ideally, they want us to disappear altogether, but if we have to be tiresome enough to exist, accept our place under a stone.

Sorry, fanatics, but those days are gone, and if you wish to work in public service, you need to accept the law as it is and view gay people as equal within civil society. If you can't do that - don't work in any service providing context. The anti-gay view is no longer acceptable under the law with regard to either the equal provision of goods and services, or employment. if you cannot live with that reality - thats your problem.

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