Sunday, November 09, 2008

The latest from Vatican plc.... is the link...

Essentially, it is a link to an article detailing the Vatican's latest plans to root out gay men from Catholic seminaries. Nothing new there, particularly under Gauleiter Ratfinger, well known former member of the Hitler Youth.

There are some questions worth posing.
1. Given that clearly this sort of thing has not made any difference to the intake of gay men into British Catholic seminaries, is there any reason to think it will do so now?
2. This clearly gives the lie to the nonsense that they really only hate us when we do things they don't like. their loathing is far more visceral
3. Given this stance, can we really be sympathetic to gay men who opt for the self-oppressing mode of remaining within this anti-gay institution? They are clearly not wanted and breaking the rules. So why stay within a place where they are clearly not wanted? The only way this can be done is to lie. Is that either healthy or advisable? Should those who follow this path be supported or are they contributing to the oppression of gay people by remaining within such a homophobic institution?

I don't want to sound overly critical. But when does the hypocrisy have to stop and when do these gay men have to say - enough. No more.

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