Monday, December 01, 2008

The blame game

When will it be accepted that there is absolutely nothing short of removing all children at risk from their parents, which will prevent them killing them if they have a mind to, and public policy wants to keep families together?

Haringey and many other inner-city boroughs are woefully short of staff and will be even more so now - who in their right minds would want to be the fall guy? Their job is impossible

As for the pathetic whining of Damien Green, seems pretty obvious that he used a Tory Boy placeman in the relevant department, to feed him titbits. Iu is NOT an MP's job to leak official documents nor use public servants to do so. he should be ashamed of himself, and would appear a whole lot less culpable if he would shut up and let the police find out what really went on. If he had any moral scruples at all, he would resign not let his pet Tory Boy in the civil service take all the blame.

Tories. Scum, when all is said and done.

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