Thursday, November 06, 2008


The election of Obama has made me remember this blog again!
It was a convincing win, and whatever one's views, quite an amazing event. I don't think anyone seriously thought that a black American could be elected President until a year or so ago. I think Obama is highly impressive, and I like his calmness and intelligence. The fact that a liberal black Democrat from a Northern state has been elected convincingly - and encouragingly, that young Americans appear to have shifted clearly in a liberal direction - has to be most encouraging. The demographic trends are favourable.

What is more, look at the reaction of the conservatives. Mad Mel Phillips is foaming at the mouth, after having made all sorts of quite ludicrous claims about Obama over the past few months. The religious conservatives on sites such as Stand Firm are fuming. Furious.

To make them so mad, this man must have something. They recognise that their arguments meant nothing and that their reactionary creed is, again, taking a beating, particularly amongst younger voters.

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