Saturday, November 08, 2008

More religionist hilarity

Sometimes I think that I write too much about the pathetic and risible activities of religionists. But its just so tempting......
is a link to a daily Torygraph (apologies for such infecting of the blog with this unpleasant rag) blog which tells us the latest about Martin Dudley, a London vicar who carried out a blessing for a gay couple.
The church hierarchy wanted to make it appear that he had been severely disciplined. of course, he hadn't. Now, the churchman involved in this case is the entirely vile 'Bishop' Pete (Call Me Pete) Broadbent, who holds deeply homophobic views, yet tries to pretend he is some sort of left wing progressive. He once sat as a Labour councillor, even though he is to the right of Thatcher, and if you talk to anyone who has met this man, the vitriol is only too plain. You never hear anything but negativity about him. My contact has been a series of rude and badly-written emails from when I was still in the church. He is the epitomy of why we should all leave the Church. He is also remarkably easy to wind up.

Broadbent is playing 'bad cop' here, because he knows that there is little he can do. the diocese is stuffed to the gills with closet gays, and it has, laughably, an equal opportunities policy which supposedly includes sexual orientation. You just couldn't make it up. How can you have an equalities policy when you openly and deliberately ban a whole group of people from participation unless you follow their prejudiced and arcane rules found in their Grimm's Fairy Tales 'holy' book. The Bible, think its called - makes great firewood replacement, along with the crucifixes and icons from one's religionist days - try it! Broadbent also made lots of loud noises about not attending the Lambeth conference because of the Gene Robinson issue, yet still won't own his personal homophobia. He is still under the impression that people think he is left-wing, whereas a more apposite representative of Daily Mail thinking, beneath the gloss of episcopal 'call me Pete' trendiness could not be found. A lot of evangelicals are like this - all strumming guitars and clapping, to hide a deeply reactionary set of beliefs. Don't trust them further than you could throw them - snakes, the lot of them.

One could respect these people more if they would be absolutely honest about what they really do think. But given that half the gays in the church are skulking in their closets, and breaking the rules without working for them to be changed, they are the authors of their own oppression.

There is only one logical answer. Ditch the church, ditch Christian oppression.

You know it makes sense.

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