Tuesday, January 08, 2008

So, other developments

The world of politics and religion has proved interesting.

I suppose i should comment on Mr. Tony's joining Vatican plc. No surprise and given that his family are members, quite logical. Amusing to see the conservative catholics get so angry. They always hated him anyway and the fact that he has been welcomed without an insistence that he publicly denounces all he did in Parliament which they didn't like amuses. I wouldn't touch Rome with a barge pole but its his business, no-one else's.

As for Michael Nazi-Rally, bigoted homophobe and Roman Catholic son of a convert who manages to be an Anglican Bishop too, he is clearly positioning himself to be the British head of the breakaway conservative Anglican communion, gaining publicity by some well placed alarmism about Islam which he loathes with the typical zeal of the convert - even though he shares much more with their ideas than he would with me. Almost a mirror image - he also appears to think it is the job of Government to promote Christianity! Now, it is clear enough that without immigrants, church attendance would be lower still than it is now, but he cannot expect a secular democratic state to make his religion look attractive when he so clearly fails to do it himself every time he opens his mouth.

The US elections: Barack Obama's success is an encouragement - I hope he goes on and wins the Democratic nomination.

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