Friday, January 11, 2008

Nuclear Power

When Gordon Brown became leader of the Labour party, I thought about re-joining. I hoped that some of the excesses of the Blair years would be in the past - and, indeed, I am pleased to see that faith school expansion has been placed on the back burner, and that there seems to be a distancing from the US government's foreign policy

But the announcement that nuclear power stations have been recommissioned is something which makes it far less likely that i could vote Labour next time, let alone rejoin the party. The links between nuclear weaponry and power are obvious - we recognise that to be the case with Iran. The question of nuclear waste is something which no-one has an answer to. And how about active development of clean coal technology and alternative energy sources - all put on the backburner in the name of the military-industrial complex?

I recall a t-shirt with a slogan which read:
The earth is flat, pigs can fly, and nuclear power is safe.
Nothing has changed.

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