Monday, January 14, 2008

Organ donation

Organ donation is an area of medicine which has greatly expanded in recent years. Despite the attempt to publicise organ donation cards, still many organs are lost simply because there is no knowledge of whether the person consents to donation or not.

I strongly and passionately support the proposed change which will ensure that organs can be used unless the individual opts out of donation. No doubt the usual religionist cries will be heard (and they are supposed to be 'pro-life'...don't make me laugh) but they have a simple remedy - be selfish and opt out if it offends their delicate little religionist sensibilities.

For those not encumbered by delusion, this is an opportunity to really make a difference and to give people genuine quality of life. I hope it is passed by parliament as soon as possible.


Chris said...

Agree completely Mike, I have carried a Donor card since I was 13, and have made it quite clear to family that doctors can help themselves to anythng useful! It amazes me that more people do not do this, it can save many, many lives.

Objections based on religion are too ridiculous to contemplate.

Merseymike said...

I find it totally bizarre that Christians, in particular, seem to have so many problems with this. I can understand more with Islam, but I just can't see the Christian theological justification for opposition.

Chris said...

I have not come across Christian objections to this, maybe Jehovah Witnesses.... I know a few people who do not want their body touched which is a shame. If you know any sites which argue against Organ Donation on theological grounds I'd be interested in looking at it.

Merseymike said...

Chris: I think its the proposal to have an opt-out rather than organ donation per se.

The sites I have read negative comments on have been conservative sites such as Stand firm in Faith.