Monday, January 07, 2008

In Las Vegas, with the neon lights....

Well, where can one start? Its quite a place. Unique, in fact, and whilst I don't think we will be regular visitors, its certainly a lot of fun. Its quite the most profoundly extravagant and over-the-top place I have ever visited. Where else has a fake Venice, a fake Eiffel Tower, a fake Pyramid - its all quite hilarious. And fake, but in such an in your face way that you can't help but smile.

Highlights of the trip. The food. Its excellent, and the exchange rate meant that we could do some fine dining at reasonable cost. The days we spent exploring the valley of Fire National Park, and the Red Rock canyon, both of which are curiously beautiful, albeit in a bleak, lunar way. Barry Manilow, who we went to see at the Hilton - a great self-deprecator, acknowledging that he has left the world with songs murdered nightly in karaoke bars everywhere. And the show Le Reve, which was stunning - imagine 18 Dermot O'Leary lookalikes in swimming trunks for a start (Gary Mac, if you are reading this, put it down - now!)

We travelled cattle class with BMI. Not ideal. They have a system where you can request seats and then they go ahaead and totally ignore your requests. Its a bit like a longhaul version of Easy jet - not even a free gin and tonic.

We also managed to spend opur time there without gambling at all - is that a record.....

Try it for yourself.

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