Sunday, November 04, 2007

Food Festivals and Reality TV!

Forgot to mention this - we went to a Food festival last week, at Tatton Park, and bumped into Martin and Emma, stars of the reality-TV programme 'The Restaurant'. They were very entertaining on the programme and many were rooting for them to win. They were very friendly and Martin is an Evertonian! I'm quite convinced the programme was a fix from the start. A restaurant had already been procured and the location fitted the eventual winners ( and what can one say about them - strange isn't the word...)

As for Everton, I don't often blog about my beloved club, but yesterday was just amazing - 1-0 until 10 minutes before the end, though we missed loads of chances and totally dominated throughout - then an equaliser which dampened everyone's spirits. We have a habit of last minute goals, and the 4 minutes of extra time spurred on some cheering - but no-one expected the TWO goals from Lee Carsley and James Vaughan. Amazing!

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