Sunday, November 04, 2007

Spin pt. 2

I shall never cease to be amused by the attempts of the religious right-wing to spin things to their liking. The couple who created such a fuss about the gay equality and anti-discrimination clause in the adoption and fostering agreement mentioned below have now climbed down and agreed to sign the document. The document has not been altered or changed. So, its reasonable to assume that they realised that they had no choice but to sign.

However, the 'morality' merchants have taken the false claims of their original spin ( that fosterer's would be expected to 'promote' homosexuality - which of course they will not, and were never expected to - that was purely in their over-fertile and sex-fuelled imaginations!) and claimed that the council, not the couple, have climbed down, even though their policy remains absolutely intact and the document has been agreed to without amendment.

I suppose we should sympathise. After all, we know they are prone to believing delusions by their very existence, but the poor dears have so little to celebrate these days!


Miles said...

I heard them on the radio.
Seemed like nice people beiong used by fanatics.

Merseymike said...

It wouldn't be the first time