Thursday, November 08, 2007

Equalities and Human Rights Commission

Interesting to see the rather overblown reaction to the appointment of Joel Edwards of the Evangelical Alliance to the Equality Commission. I have a feeling that some conservative religionists think that his purpose will be to oppose LGB equality.

Lets make it clear. I don't have a lot of time for Edwards, and even less for his organisation. However, the Commission exists to put into practice the law which exists - it has no role in changing the law. Thus, Edwards will have to work within the confines of all the legal boundaries - which includes all the legislation they were so unenthusiastic about. And I am sure that the other Commissioners will be there to remind him of that fact!

His presence there reflects the fact that faith/religion is a category which is also included within the legislation - he is there to advise on that strand of the legislation and to provide that representation, not as a mouthpiece for the anti-gay lobby. His statement and the corresponding Government statement make that clear enough - but I don't think the spinners of the right-wing religioso have been listening!

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