Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Or should that be Lisboa?

Its an interesting city. Grandly dilapidated in parts, modern in others, and some tremendous views. But the heat on our trip was simply too much - in the mid-thirties for most of the week. All the same, its an interesting place. Another drawback is that the funicular which links the Avenida de Liberades where we stayed, with the Bairro Alta, was out of action which meant that the only way to get there was by taxi - unless you go for walking up perpendicular hills.

On the positive side....the Fado Museum is excellent, as is the new contemporary art centre. Alfama is delightful, and the little cafe where we drank vinho verde, ate sardines, and enjoyed a chocolate mousse thick enough to stand a spoon in, with a slug of brandy poured into a hole made by the same spoon, was memorable. I like pateis de nata as well. Little custard tarts , puff pastry. Nice!

We left plenty to do for a re-visit. Oh, and the wine is good too - and there's a good selection at the airport as well as the 12 we stuffed into the cases....

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Mario said...

Oh yes, the joys of vinho verde, a small cafe, and the fantastic views...
Lisbon really is a place like no other!