Monday, September 24, 2007

Events, dear boy, events

I have a policy not to talk about work on this blog but suffice to say I'm looking for more work again. Long story, but still don't feel I want to write about it until everything is sorted. The morale in so many HE institutions appears dreadful. Correction. Is dreadful.

Anyway, I do have a bit of stuff to keep me going.

Gordon's speech at the Labour conference was impressive. He has gravitas, no doubt about that. Cameron beside him appears insubstantial and lacking in authority. The lack of coherent policies doesn't help.
Less impressive is the story of the Labour councillor in Waltham Forest, found guilty of electoral malpractice. By all accounts she thought it was appropriate to smear her LibDem opponent as a paedophile. Which he isn't. The councillor concerned, a gay man whose partner is from the East, had to move area because of the hassle he received.
It should be pointed out that the councillor concerned is black. The rainbow alliance appears to falter on occasion....
But there is simply no excuse for this. Playing discriminatory 'cards' isn't acceptable, particularly from a party committed to equality.

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