Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Its odd how the right-wing can spin things.

A judge in Northern Ireland has decided that whilst the sexual orientation regulations themselves are ok, the harassment clause should be removed. Now, this is notr an essential clause, and it doesn't exist in the legislation in the rest of the UK. Ongoing legislation will produce anti-harassment measures to cover all aspects of equality. I am on record as saying that this makes more sense long-term and groups such as Stonewall also argued this was a sensible approach.

So, what has happened is that the regs in NI are now exactly the same as the regs in the rest of the UK. So, if this such a great 'victory' as some of the Right are portraying, does this mean their conversion to the existing regulations as both moderate and reasonable?

Religionists are calling, as ever, for the right to discriminate and calling it 'conscience'. Just like the BNP, who think that they should be allowed to discriminate against black people.

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