Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gordon Brown

Interesting times. Last night, Labour won a by-election off the LD's in Liverpool. I think the LD's are making an almighty hash of things at present locally, and their national profile is non-existent.

But what of Gordon? The lunch with Thatch was a bit of politics, I suppose, and designed, I assume, to enbarrass cameron. I'm not sure it was wise. It will simply remind some of how vile the Tories were, but could even make cameron look nice in comparison. Basically, Labour are undoubtedly going to lose some soft Southern votes to the Tories next time. They may well win a few off the LD's , on the other hand. But actually, Labour can win a decent majority without many more Southern seats, as long as they don't lose a shed-load in Scotland and take a few more northern and Midlands marginals. Dallying with Thatch won't help. Also, Labour need to win back some of the Guardianistas and this won't help in that regard either.

So far, there's nothing which Brown has done which makes me think - yes, I must rejoin the Labour party. I really want to see a change in foreign policy. And personally, I'm not really into all that dour protestant work ethic shite. I'd prefer a bit of fun!

One think I do feel strongly about is the drift towards referenda which i utterly oppose. the Government must not be swayed. The EU treaty should be a decision for parliament, like any other.


Graham said...

Living in a traditionally Tory safe seat which Labour have only ever won in the landslides of 1945, 1997 and 2001, and in which only the Lib Dems threaten now, I will have no qualms whatsoever in voting Green with my conscience. At the moment Gordon's too busy trying not to scare the Tories to persuade me that he's vastly different to Blair. At the moment I fear that he's heading for the sort of majority that means the government can continue to tune out radical voices in their own party and elsewhere.

Merseymike said...

Its a tricky one,
FPTP means that its not easy to vote for a small majority. The problem with any sort of tactic which might let in the Tories is all too obvious - and whilst I agree that Labour remains more right wing than I am, I still believe that the worst Labour government is better than the worst Tory one.

Labour can win a majority without St Albans so I guess you can vote according to your conscience...must say that I don't think I'd opt for the greens, not only because I don't find their economic policies convincing, but also because my partner detests them and would probably threaten divorce....