Wednesday, August 15, 2007

the silly season...

That's what August is often referred to owing to the lack of genuine news. Not very different this year...

So, we have had the realisation by vatican plc, UK branch, that they can do nothing about a head teacher (local to here) who has entered into a civil partnership. Quite right too, although once again the church headed by a former member of the HITLER Youth is showing its true colours. The conservative Anglican sites are still making lots of noise, and it remains anyone's guess as to how it will all pan out. One thing is sure - that gay people have far more sense than to waste their time on an organisation which can't come to terms with its openly gay priests, but allows those with the mental illness of self-oppression to become clergy. I'd love to see how much gay porn litters their computer hard disks (well hidden behind the pictures of Wifey they post on their websites!)

Enough of organisations for losers.

Everton have certainly delighted me by winning our first two matches. Having Man City and Everton at the top of the premiership is certainly something of a novelty. I think we are still after another midfielder and striker but I haven't heard anything firm as yet as to new signings. The hot topic here is what to do about the new stadium. I think the answer is quite clear.
WE NEED TO VOTE YES and move to Kirkby. All Evertonians love Goodison Park, and its atmosphere is undoubtedly a plus for Everton. But there isn't the ability to expand, and Liverpool as a city are not offering anything as good as the possibilities for Kirkby. So, I have voted 'yes'.

Over the last few days I have also written a few real letters. proper ones, not the 'e' variety. Something I used to do very regularly but have let lapse.

Another thing I am thinking about is whether I should rejoin the Labour party. The Tory party haven't changed: they are still essentially the same bunch of people, and I would not like to think of them winning power again. But I am more than aware that post-Iraq, I have sat on the sidelines, and perhaps the time has come to re-enter the fray. Any views or thoughts would be appreciated!

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