Friday, August 24, 2007

More lunacy from the Nigerian nutter....

Last week, another missive from Gauleiter Akinola, Homophobe-in-Chief of the Corruption Centre of Nigeria (known also as the 'Anglican Church'). Full of the usual hyperbole - chuck out the queers and the liberals or we are taking our toys home - if only they would, it would do everyone else a favour!
Turns out that Akinola didn't write it himself. Now, that should come as no real surprise. It was largely written by self-created 'Bishop' Martyn Minns, as was most of the other diatribes accredited to GA. And this has been discovered by the Church times.

Now, most normal people would withdraw quietly, observing a discreet silence. Not our Nigerian fiends and their fundie followers. They are trying to brazen it out and guess what - all ofn us who note that this is really not very honest behaviour are racist.

lets make this clear. I couldn't care less where Akinola comes from. He remains a homophobic fundamentalist with ideas above his station, and the sooner he takes his squalid and corrupt organisation out of the Anglican church, the better. And whilst he is doing so, perhaps he could take his mates in Reform, Anglican Mainstream and the like, with him.

They certainly won't be missed, and they will be much happier hunkered down intheir laager, where they can all complain about how wicked gays and liberals are taking over the world....

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Chloe said...

I have been a firm supporter of unity within the Anglican Communion, but I cannot bear another moment of the likes of Akinola, Minns, and Sugden.

I hope they leave....and, hopefully they will take Anglican Mainstream with them.

I made the mistake of looking at the place tonight. I can't bear the idea that some of those people claim their superiority as Christians.

If that is really Anglican Mainstream, then pigs must be flying.