Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ex-gay survivor video - worth watching

We need to remember that those who suffer from repression of their sexuality are themselves ill, and in requirement of therapy to help them accept the people they really are. The first aspect of that needs to be recovery from the adoption of fundamentalist forms of religion, as without adherence to this delusion, their task would become a good deal easier. indeed, there would be very little need to continue to repress.

The self-repression movement will continue to make their usual excuses, though. It is fair to say that this movement has different 'strands' within it. the more fervently fundie will suggest that actual change of orientation is likely, or even necessary to 'prove' one's christian commitment. More moderate or catholic voices will pursue a 'carry your cross' position. In the UK, they are exceptionally weak, largely because conservative religion is a minority sport, and those likely to be involved are young people who are unfortunate enough to have been born into one of these religions. Thankfully, most leave these groups, although there are some who try and pretend they have 'really changed' (yet are so sensitive that when challenged, their action is always the same - to ban those from their sites who suggest their sexuality may have simply been repressed, not changed)

There simply can't be any compromise on this one. These groups are dangerous, can damage people's lives, and need to be firmly opposed. happily, the number of young people coming out and the way that gay people are clearly rejecting the church means that their mission is certainly failing. All repression ministries and the very basis of conservative Christianity is a negative and destructive force. It should be treated inn the way we treat the beliefs of the BNP - allowed in a democratic society, but certainly not socially or publicly acceptable.

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