Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Officially doctored today...

Graduation, that is, nothing more hair-raising!

Had lunch at my favourite restaurant, London Carriage Works, then the graduation ceremony which went smoothly enough. My hat didn't fall off, and the weather wasn't quite as hot as I had feared - academic robes, particularly PhD ones, are very heavy!

Where next? I have my part-time teaching, and have made contact with a local consultancy who may be able to use me as a freelance associate. Plus will be applying for some freelance training work. Other than that,its still wait and see time.

So, a few opinions from the Merseymike soapbox:

1. The Olympics. Of no interest to me, I never watch it. However, I was opposed to the London bid. Not only will it mean yet more resources heaped upon the south-east ( with likely detrimental effect on the rest of the country) I have my doubts as to whether these sort of events can be paid for without a kike in taxes. If Londoners want the games, then they should pay for them. Enthusiasm will certainly wane if the expenditure is placed upon the public. And we all know how good UK governments are at running large events. Not.

2. Make Poverty History. Its been quite hard-headed and realistic. I hope it succeeds, but its really, in the long run, dependent on what the Americans choose to do. And aid and even debt relief won't help unless some of Africa's worst governments go. Indeed, how much of the increased resources will some of them get anyway? Is there any point in giving money to governments which will certainly not find its way to the people? There are some good people working in overseas aid, and I hope that they will not be disappointed

3. Films. Seen some good ones lately. In particular Mysterious Skin, which I would highly recommend. Its good to see out local independent cinema doing so well. We noted that we were just about the oldest people there last time we went, which bodes well for the future.

4. Sure there's more, but I'm exhausted!


looby said...

I'm glad someone else thinks that about the Olympics. Complete waste of money imo!


bls said...

Congrats on your graduation!

Mark said...

Congrats on getting Dr'd.

Looking forward to seeing "Mysterious Skin" as well. Joseph Gordon-Leavitt has intrigued me since 3rd Rock...