Monday, July 11, 2005

Women priests

So, now we have the other issue which sends the conservatives frantic centre-stage. Its an interesting one, this.

The evangelicals are mixed in their attitude. The majority are probably in favour, particularly the open evangelicals, but there remains a sizeable minority who are opposed, largely because of beliefs about 'headship', women not teaching in church, and so on.

The anglo-caths - well, the liberal/affirming catholics are in favour, but of course groups like Forward in Faith exist purely to try and keep women away from holy orders. Many in Backwoods in Bitterness are misogynistic old gin-and-lace queens who detest women - I have heard many of their conversations, and they are little sort of abhorrent, referring to women as 'fish' and 'priestesses'. Of course, many of these same queens are only too happy to both go against their supposed conservative view with regard to their OWN sexual activity, whilst conveniently either sitting on their hands when some of us are trying to make long-overdue changes or actually speaking against gay people in public. I can think of at least one priest who I have heard do this, not a million miles away from Oldham!

Anyway, their aim is a Third, woman-free province. I'm not particularly in favour of this, but it may set a good precedent for an inclusive, pro-gay and pro-women fourth province where conservatives are not welcome. Or, with any luck, this will push BiB out to Rome or Orthodoxy, and Reform closer towards support for the Reformed Protestant Church of Lagos (Prop: Gauleiter Akinola)

They won't be missed.

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