Monday, June 27, 2005


We have started going again. Not to the same one, I hasten to add - but so far this seems like a good move. Its interesting, going somewhere else after so long at a single place of worship. One gets somewhat used to 'how things are done' and then tends not to notice how what develops is really not at all accessible and if anything, places barriers between itself and those it wishes to attract. We noticed, yesterday and last week, how much more relaxed the overall feel of the place is, particularly in terms of its attitude towards children, and it has made me re-assess the importance of churchmanship - or rather, its UN-importance. The obsessive, anally retentive behaviour of the liturgy queens who seem to think that a perfect liturgy is somehow the only thing that matters is simply alienating those outside that narrow band of opinion.

As for the good old Anglican 'Communion', it has given itself a further two years to continue to tear itself to shreds. ECUSA and Anglican Church of Canada are standing firm - thankfully - and at least will provide a base for an open and inclusive denomionation in the event of the inevitable collapse of the AC.

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