Sunday, May 03, 2009

The right to commit suicide and treating adults as infants

This is the website of Exit International, a pro-euthanasia society founded by Dr Philip Nitschke, who the Home office attempted to prevent from entering the UK.

Ludicrous. People should be treated as adults and there is nothing illegal about committing suicide. Nitschke appears to have worried the nannies because they wish to prevent people from making up their own minds. It really is about time that people stopped being protected from themselves. It is also the fact that once again, it is religionists who are trying to enforce their will upon others. Just like they try and make us live out our dying days in their revolting hospices, utterly unable to remove suffering without huge doses of morphine - I would never want to go into any of those vile places, filled with simpering religiosity and utterly immoral in their view that life is 'sacred' and people unable to make up their own minds.

What are these people so scraed of? Why do they wish to continue to infantilise the whole of life? Treat people as grown ups and let them have the choice - and if they make the decision you don't like - tough. Its not yours to make.

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Robert said...

Yes but the old problem is it not of when does the cost of people that want to live , have to give way to market cost. I'm disabled and becoming more disabled as the months go past, when I'm ready I will ask nobody to end it I will do it myself. The fact is most people want to live and those that do not can always end it, but you hear the same rubbish we want to do it for other, well do it for your self and leave the others to decide.