Sunday, May 24, 2009

Catching up....

Eurovision last week. The weakest contest for a long time and certainly the worst winner in history - nothing more than a simplistic kids song. Horrible.

The risible hypocrisy-fest regarding the MP's and their piffling expenses continues. I sometimes think I have absolutely nothing in common with the British. I must have been born here by mistake. The pursed-up, 'definitely-disgusting' morons regularly venting their made-up 'anger' on the TV make me want to vomit. As much as I think Anthony Steen MP is a bit of an old duffer, he talked a lot of sense. It IS envy, it is largely because people haven't had the opportunity to do the same, and I think most people in the same position would have done the same.

After all, the thought of being governed by moralistic know-alls like Frank Field, who looks as if he is allergic to fun, should be enough to tell us that this is yet another British over-reaction displaying their preference for the puritanical

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