Monday, May 04, 2009

Anyone else find our current political choices depressing?

We have a Labour government which is tired and has run out of steam. Considering the size of their majority, they could have done so much to enforce real change - but they actually didn't want to. Some good things, yes, but on the whole, disappointing. I'm not amongst those who criticise Brown for not being a charismatic leader. Vision seems to matter little when it comes to actually making real change, and messianic zeal can be somewhat concerning.

The Liberal Democrats appear to be all things to all people. But I can't work out what they really stand for. They appear to be travelling down the same neo-liberal path as the current government and the official opposition. They appear to have trimmed their pro-EU stance. Clegg makes my flesh creep. All in all, I can't really distinguish them a lot from moderate Tories. And I have no interest in voting for moderate Tories.

Which is why for me, no conservative party will ever be a choice I will opt for, because I am not conservative.

So, three main parties, none of who have anything very much to offer. Anyone here from any other party willing to sell me a reason for voting for them?


Robert said...

I'm not Conservative but I'm so bloody angry at New labour I might well vote Lib Dem's or something just as useless.

We had the 42 detention he wins it and then dumps it to show people he is boss, now he looks less a bloke able to run a pub never mind a country. We are told now he might dump the Royal Mail sell off, so why the hell start it. He gets everyone backs up and then does a U turn for god sake. I was told this week the medical for the return to work might well be watered down, why well we are told Labour is struggling to find companies willing to take on the job of getting me back to work, because they are only paid on success. Everything New labour has started is falling to bits or the U turn is coming up, all the Tories have to do is say nothing and let labour carry on shooting it's self.

Chris said...

It is the lack of serious policy debate that bothers me. Where is it? And decent policies such the recent 50p tax rate for the rich should have happened ages ago. And rather than messing around with tax credits and creating a whole load of pointless paperwork, simply say that those earning under 15k (or whatever) pay no tax and tax the higher earners. It aint complicated, or is it just me.

And why do some Labour MPs seem more right wing than the Tories.. A friend of mine, devout Labout member, 'slighty left of Blair' voted for the Tory candidate at the last election as the Labour candidate (who won) was too right wing..... bizarre.