Monday, September 22, 2008

First day of the Labour conference

Far from the bloodbath which the press were no doubt looking forward to, the conference was instead, remarkable only because of its sheer dullness. The open defiance of Brown appears to have subsided somewhat, but for how long? here doesn't seem to be very much there to inspire or excite - but really, how could there be? Other than the Government turning round and saying, yes, we got much of the last 11 years wrong, what can they say which will have any credibility?

Miliband's speech was OK, I think he may well be less of a turn-off than Brown, but I wouldn't expect the policies to change greatly. In such circumstances, who else than Labour should be sorting out the city? But they have spent so long slobbering over every word they say, would anyone believe them?

I still think the Tories would be worse than Labour. But there is nothing here which inspires, nothing which would make me want to go out and campaign again.

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