Monday, September 15, 2008

Boston and Cape Cod

Got back a couple of days ago from a very good holiday on America's East Coast. Boston is a great city - quieter than New York, but busier than San Fran. Lots of seafood, plenty to do - including some quite unusual attractions. Its the birthplace of Christian Science, and the Mary Baker Eddy museum is fascinating indeed. I have a copy of Science and Health, but have never read it in depth....included within the museum is the Mapparium, a model of the earth and its countries dated 1935 which you enter - its a huge globe.
Did a bit of travelling round - wineries in Connecticut and Rhode Island (two more states visited....) and a trip up the coast to Gloucester and Rockport. The latter is particularly pleasant.

Cape Cod was charming - Provincetown is delightful, and early September is a good time to visit.

Whilst we were there, the truly dreadful Sarah Palin was chosen as republican VP candidate. Loathsome woman, vile views. The thought of her as president is risible: she really does sum up everything wrong with America. But I don;t think her appeal is as great as reported - she seems to have roused democrats into action. I think that black voter turnout may be key.

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