Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Vatican plc bigots strike again

This time on Five Live's phone-in, where a particularly nasty and intemperate version of Bigotus Catholicus made an appearance last night.

What is really good is that he made a fool of himself and in dispersing with the warm words, showed his true colours.

What I really want to know is why reasonable people - particularly gay people - have any truck at all with this thoroughly evil and corrupt institution. In my view its about self-hatred - not properly coming out, not having open relationships and so on. Its somewhere for the fearful to hide, even though if the truth were known, they would be unable to partake in the central sacrament of that church. For me, living in such a hypocritical state simply isn't acceptable. Living a lie cannot be a positive way to live one's life. That doesn't mean any sort of expectation of very visible 'outness', but the fact is that the RC church doesn't offer being gay and in a relationship as an acceptable option - thus, there must be a level of self-hate in wanting to be part of such an organisation.

In any case, the Christian myths look ever more ridiculous to me. There are some of the key messages which are worthwhile, but they can be found in other philosophies without the need for the supernaturalist mumbo-jumbo. Jesus was a premodern Jewish mystic and radical who along with many others, was killed by the authorities, and a cult of worship linked up with stories about coming alive again, virgin births and so on, developed around him, spread by his followers.

Still, they can believe what they want. But when they spread their homophobic poison, they absolutely must be opposed. Fortunately, they regularly do the job for us.

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