Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More from the Bigot of the Year

Some people really have no shame....

Elected Bigot of the Year, Bishop of Hereford Anthony Priddis, is now whining about how hurt he feels about being called a bigot and having 'derogatory' remarks made about him.

Easy answer to that, matey.

1. Admit you are wrong, that you broke the law, and that you would not to the same again
2. Offer penitence for your homophobia and join LGCM or Changing Attitude
3. Recognise that it is your beliefs which are unacceptable - they have the same moral status as racism and thus it is quite reasonable to address you in that light.

You know, the sight of Christians playing the victim is just risible. These people have a bloody state religion to play with yet still they whine because their particular brand of premodernism isn;t seen as appropriate to run a contemporary country. There is a victim in this instance - John Reaney.

Not you, Priddis. You are the bigot and tormentor who broke the law. You should feel ashamed, and any hurt you feel is simply your unrecognised guilt.

Remember that next time you partake in your sacramental activities. How about a bit of confessing?

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