Saturday, March 24, 2007

OK, I'll try to be nice

Fluffy bunny-dom was never my thing, but I seem to have given people the impression that I make Marcus Brigstocke look like a happy, cheerful person, so I will try very hard NOT to appear furious in today's post.

But WHAT THE HELL am I meant to say about Scooch? I mean, come on?? This utterly talentless troop of jokers win our ESC selection with an act that's already been tried, a song so mindless that a two year old could have written it, and to cap it all the BBC cock up the broadcast. You couldn't make it up.

As for the Budget, I never feel I have a lot to say. Our joint earnings put us well into the higher earner bracket and I tend to think that we will never really be affected by any Budget. Is that right? Theoretically, no, but its not going to change - because no party can win an election on the votes of the poor.

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Karin said...

Marcus Brigstocke makes me laugh. I think he is a cheerful person even without comparing him to you. I have no idea who won the EVsong contest, so have no desire to moan about it. ;)