Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sexual Orientation Regulations passed in Parliament

Excellent news - the Sexual orientation regulations have been passed and become law in April.

As you can imagine, the conservative Christians are absolutely apoplectic about it. They simply don't get that things have moved on and that their ludicrous beliefs and prejudices no longer mean much to the vast majority of people. It was amusing to note that the issue was hardly covered on the news at all once the decision had been made - to listen to that lot you would think the world had ended.

Naturally, Vatican plc are still whingeing on about keeping their adoption agencies open and how they may have to close. Well, they have a simple choice. They stop discriminating. Or they close. No problem there. They wouldn't be missed, anyway - plenty of other agencies could take on their role.

The other piece of interesting church related news is that the American Episcopal Church has told Williams the Spineless to get stuffed and that they wonlt be playing his little game. Its about time someone in the church actually displayed a bit of principle - now, where are the so-called liberal Bishops in the UK, who should be speaking out in favour of the US stance and making it clear that they stand with them, not with Nigeria and puppy-dog Williams the Coward.

Changing Attitude seem to have gone very quiet, too - perhaps because they recognise their strategy has failed and they too are going to have to make some hard choices.


Phyllis said...

Hi Merseymike
Glad I found you just to say hi. I used to read your comments on Titusonenine. Actually they won't publish my comments anymore - I guess they didn't like having their bigotry pointed out. Anyway, I'm rejoicing today at my church's strong stance. I hope if we get kicked out that others will stand by us.

Merseymike said...


I am having the same experience ; over the past few days any comment I make is put into moderation and then never appears. Think they are starting to get even more paranoid than ever!

Your church is certainly one of the exceptions that would make me try again if we has something similar here,

I hope your brave stance will lead to just that.