Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Vincent Nichols - bugger off back to Italy and take the rest of your squalid church with you

So, now we have Catholic Gauleiter Nichols threatening to withdraw co-operation from joint projects.

As someone who thinks that scvhools, adoption agencies, and frankly, british society, would be far better without the vile and disgusting influence of the Catholic Church, this can only be welcomed.

What an institution. Criticising consenting gay couples when half its priests are shagging schoolkids, have a history of abuse of everyone from single mothers to schoolboys, trying to prevent people from deciding when they wish to die, preventing women from controlling their own fertility - and we actually think this is a suitable organisation to be allowed to run anything?

The sooner the Catholic church in Britain breathes its last, the better for all of us


Karin said...

Grassroots Catholicism can be very involved with peace and justice and in those cases is to be greatly lauded. The world would be a worse place without the Pax Christi, for instance.

If British Catholics could shake of the Pope and the benighted hierarchy of their church they might well be the better for it, but we don't want to be rid of all Catholics.

Amongst all denominations, all religions, all secularists and atheists even, you have those who share Jesus' compassionate and accepting heart and those who are judgemental, bigotted and set in their ways.B*th33*l

Merseymike said...

Yes, fair enough - I just wish that Catholic priests would shut up about sex - of all people, are there those less equipped to comment?