Friday, November 17, 2006

Yes, this blog does still exist....

And my excuse is that I have a new job.
Which I am enjoying. I don't talk about work on this blog as a matter of principle but it is going well.

So...what to say

Gormley's Iron Men. I live in the Crosby area, and there is currently a local controversy with regard to the future of a public art installation currently on the beach - Another Place. for more details.

The short-sighted philistines who run Sefton Council - in particular the Tory group and PPC for Sefton Central Debi Jones (who is actually OK other than her politics) and some renegade LibDems of the 'we're working class, you know' variety, have voted not to give planning permission for its permanent place on the beach. It is a ludicrous decision. There is huge potential here - Crosby beach and marina is sorely needing renovation and needs a focus point. With the upcoming Capital of Culture in Liverpool, it is imperative that these statues remain here. Please write to Graham Haywood, chief executive of Sefton Council, and say so. They have a stay of execution until March as there is an appeal.

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Karin said...

Congrats on the new job btw, especially on getting one you enjoy.