Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Roman Catholic 'Church ' - an institution of pure evil

Now, this is not going to be a statement which suggests that all individual RC's are equally characterised.I know many, and they despair of a church to which, at least for the time being, they remain attached to. Whether the malevolent and evil influence of Ratfinger (a man who is the sort of person to make one which there really was a hell, for he would surely be burning at the very heart of it) will make them realise that as an institution, it is beyond redemption, is another matter.

I don't know if any of you have visited Vatican plc. A place of less spirituality cannot be imagined. The effect was to make me want to vomit, preferably over the many pieces of art and finery, the marks of self aggrandisement so beloved of this institution. Perhaps the blood of the millions of people who the Catholic Church have sent to almost certain death in Africa because of their mistaken policy of 'no condoms'.

So, I can see no good reason why any rational, thinking person would wish to remain in the Roman 'church'. The news that they are to try and weed out gay men from the priesthood is to be expected, but whilst I am opposed to all discriminatory practice, it should be patently obvious that no well-balanced gay man should or would choose to become part of such an organisation - and that most of those who do are either not well sorted with regard to their sexuality, or alternately still hold to delusions such as people being 'called to be priests' ( in the real world, its a job like any other, and why someone should choose a job which means no relationships, ever, probably needs some sort of risible superspiritual justification!)

The RC Church is a sick, corrupt and putrid institution which fully and richly deserves the loss of congregations it is experiencing in contemporary societies. Perhaps it can still con those who rely on its premodern suppositions. Thankfully, those numbers, in the UK, are constantly decreasing


heelers said...

Is there any possibility you are wrong? James

Merseymike said...

Yes. Its my opinion, thats all - and we all could be wrong.

I don;t think I am, though - roll on a heart attack for Ratfinger. Or a long, painful and debilitating death. That should be punishment enough.

Paul said...

Never a person to worry about controversy, is our Mike! I agree though.

Alcuin Bramerton said...

The Pope meets Osama bin Laden
At a hunt ball in Sunderland.

There are smoked lobster canap├ęs
With a creamed spinach topping.

The Pope says:
"Would you mind awfully
If we beatified you?"
Osama replies:
"I am a saint already.
But I would welcome
An introduction to Opus Dei."

A security guard listening-in says:
"Either of you two fancy
Another signed photograph
Of Thomas the Tank Engine?"