Thursday, November 03, 2005

Blunkett and other stuff

So, Blunkett has gone. he has never been one of my favourite politicians, and I'm not sad to see him go on that level.

But....surely the problem is not so much what he did, which was not really against the rules in any case, but against 'guidelines', but the fact that MP's are viewed as able to make money from other sources at all. Isn't running the country a full-time job?

Move parliament out of london, ban MP's from holding any money-making positions, and lets see how many of the sharp-suited brigade disappear...

Things appear to be changing. A few Labour MP's are starting to get some teeth at last and perhaps this will encourage the departure of Blair, who I think is past his sell-by, and a return to policies which are associated with a social democratic party. The obsession with the private sector and the over-reaction to terrorism are two examples.

The thesis is now being looked at by a publisher - watch this space....

Noticed that a favourite restaurant of ours had recently shut - Bluu. Liverpool is a strange city. Some places take off, others just don't, and quality seems to have nothing much to do with it.

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